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Travel insurance

Travel insurance offers traveler’s the opportunity to protect themselves financially from most common types of emergencies. Travel insurance can also provide helpful services including a helpline, often 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, offering general assistance and emergency travel assistance in the travelers own language

Benefits for the Traveler

Travel insurance protects the traveler’s financial investment in the purchase of transportation, accommodation and nonrefundable event tickets. Travel insurance pays for misfortune that the traveler might have before and while travelling. Depending on details of the coverage, it can pay for a range of circumstances such as unplanned medical costs, delayed flights, replacement of lost or damage baggage or for new reservation due to involuntary cancellation or events ranging from inconveniences to calamities.

Please take note

In-case of Amendment/Cancellation of Policy:

  1. First amendment request will be conceded without applying a charge (i.e. FREE) whilst for subsequent requests you will be required to purchase a NEW travel insurance cover
  2. Amendment of policies is not applicable when visa is not granted
  3. Amendment of policies will not be granted if the policy has commenced.
  4. Refund is not applicable for all travel insurance policies purchased


This policy covers the insured whilst travelling outside the borders of Nigeria as a fare paying passenger in a fully licensed standard type of Aircraft against bodily injury as a result of accident resulting into.


Permanent Disability

Medical Expenses

Loss of Lugage etc